Falling asleep
Is like forgetting
But you can’t choose what to forget
Worries, anxieties, memories, happiness.
They all take turns, turning into a melting pot of dreams or nightmares.
So why do I sleep?
A hope. To dream the right dreams.

I can dream to my heart’s content.
I am my own judge.
Nobody’s opinion matters but my own.
I can do what I shouldn’t do.
Say what I wouldn’t say.
Forget that there exists a world
I cannot manipulate.

Is mine.
Undoubtedly. Irrefutably. Fortunately.
My fears. My happiness. My love.
I don’t tell anyone.
They don’t need to know.
It is my comfort
And my cage.

The world beyond sleep.
It is not my wonderland.
It is my home.

I fall asleep for me.
And I wake up everyday.
To come back to you.