Let Them Eat Cake

There was a girl who loved the world
Until she learnt it was a cake,
Full of hot air and nothing but sickly sweetness
She lived in a mistake.

The people around her were sugary toppings
Filled with cream and icing dust,
They had no depth or imagination
So artificial, they would never rust.

And that girl then wondered how she had lived
Her childhood in a cocoon filled with hot air
Steaming and suffocating her, day in and day out
All these worries, and no one to talk to or share.

And so she resided in dignified defeat
That she will always be alone.
She left the world of hot air
To discover the world of thinly veiled holes.

She is lonely now, all consuming despair
Horrible terrors and nightmares surround.
But she needs to get out of the cake
Even if she has no company other than sounds.

She left her sugar addictions
And now has withdrawal symptoms.

It just gets so lonely sometimes.

Online, but Alone.

Artificial light reflects back at him
Projecting his artificial life.
Fake friends, fake relationships, fake comfort,
Yet he cannot leave his social media site.

He periodically checks his profile.
To see what other people see of him.
He desires them to see his best.
And not the uncertainty within.

A tiny little bubble pops up.
A beautiful girl says hi.
Beautiful? How would he know?
Her profile picture, oh right.

Conversation flows in zeros and ones.
But he mistakes it for emotion.
After days and months of binary charm.
He thinks he has won her devotion.

Her face is familiar to him.
But does he know what she sounds like?
Does he know her hair is actually brown?
Or that she won’t recognise him on sight?

‘It’s young love’, he thinks to himself.
As he types out ‘I love you’.
But she doesn’t reply.
Why? He hasn’t the slightest clue.

He waits patiently for her reciprocation.
Then he sees her last seen at.
He gave his heart to her at 23:43
At 04:01, it cracked.

His self-created ego crashes down on him.
To join him on the ground.
He thought he was music online.
But in reality, he was merely a sound.

He goes back to his profile.
And ignores the effort he spent on it.
Scrolling thru the settings.
‘Delete account’, he clicks.