I took your tiny hand
So fragile, soon to expand.
And wondered who would ask for it later?

When the sparkle in your eyes
Would light up the skies
Of other man,
Another caretaker.

“It’s over.”


“I’m in love with someone else. Me.”

Why do people say they have to ‘find’ themselves?

You aren’t lost. You’re just dormant.

Do what you want to do.
By doing what you need to do.

“Stop pulling my cheeks, bhaiya!”

“Why? You always wanted to be a model. Now you’re my modelling clay.”

“Why did you have to leave the little girl behind in Kingston town?”

“She’s not my little girl.”

He looks into the puddle. He throws the ring into it. He watches the ring dissolve into the murky water.

All trace of her will evaporate.

‘How did you know she was the one?’

Rubbing his ring between his fingers he says, ‘When I stopped thinking of what my life would be like without her.’

I’m a Queen.
Of a different world.
All those around me can’t understand
The shine of my gold.

I wish you had never written me anything. I wish you could have said everything, so it would have been lost in the wind.
Then I wouldn’t have to make a choice.
To delete everything.

“I wonder if you would reply if I was someone else.”

He has never felt a real love towards a person, just a person behind a screen.

“Here.” She hands him a necklace with a pendant shaped like the infinity symbol.

“Why?” The sadness in his eyes is permanent.

“It doesn’t mean that I will love you infinitely, I cannot promise you that, but I can promise that in this moment, my love for you is infinite. And nothing, not even time can take this moment away from you. This necklace is to remind you of what we have, even if it becomes what we had.”

She touches his face. He moves away.

Then she picks up her bags and walks out of his life for the last time.