Why do people pretend
The world is in black and white?
There is yin in the yang
And kindness in the spite.

Why do people pretend
To be someone they’re not?
Colouring themselves in a better light
Dissolving their own colours and free thought.

Why do people pretend
That they cannot love deeply?
Emotions are meant to be felt
Not buried away for eternity.

Why do people pretend
They can’t admit when they’re wrong?
Realising your flaws isn’t weakness
It makes you strong.

Why do people pretend
That they can face the world alone?
When you are hurting from your wounds
I’ll be here, with smiles and tinctures
In that home you left long ago.

Pretending to be Enemies

Drink up, my love.
It’s the only way you can remember
and forget me,
At the same time.

Why do we do this to ourselves?
Forgetting the good, creating the bad.
Based on past, the history,
Why do we let our history define us?

Old wounds, Old love.
Swords and shields up high in the air.
Pretending to be enemies,
Fighting battles we’ve made up in our heads.

Not anymore.

I am Guilty.
The scar of where my heart once was,
I guard it against the only person,
Who can heal me.

Hold my hand again.
Help me walk up, and I will too.
We have nothing to lose.
Because I’ve already lost you.

I was wrong.
I can’t fight fire with fire, not now.
You don’t deserve fire.
You deserve to be loved.

I want to love you again.
Because hating you isn’t working.

Kiss me again.
“I am Yours.
And You are Mine.”