Shreya Bhatnagar is a 19-year-old from Bangalore City, India, currently living in Claremont, California.

She believes she fell into the world by accident, most likely head first. She loves alternative music, classic literature, watching YouTube videos, intellectual discussions, old musicals, and a good cup of hot chocolate.

She owns a rusty ukulele and a voice of passion, and occasionally writes ballads, some of which are featured on this blog.

Writing is her go to pass time, and is sometimes the only thing that keeps her sane. She likes writing about anything that comes to her mind, as well as short pieces of fiction. If you want to know more about her, please feel free to contact her 🙂

TheGirlThatCan, though wrong grammar, is her alias because she was once referred to as ‘That Girl’. She decided to embrace it, and forgo the rules of grammar, to interpret this slur into TheGirlThatCan, and now TheGirlThatCanBlog.


UPDATE: Although this is the 2015 version of myself, it shall remain my main descriptor for the meanwhile.

22 thoughts on “About this Cheeky Author

  1. Thanks for liking instalment 10 of my story,hope you enjoy the rest of itas I blog it out – just read your latest story and I really like it- good writing and interesting idea. I’m goin gto follow you now so I get alerts when you post. Keep writing!

      1. It’s ok, write just about anything. Write about your life. 🙂
        We’ve never conversed. Each of us just know that the other exists.

      2. You wrote. Thank you. ❤
        I'd rather not. The moment you associate a face and voice to words, your perception of them changes.

  2. Hey, nice blog. Looking at the genre of your writing, I’m curious as to what your views on teenage relationships are, and why you choose/don’t choose to be in one.

      1. No, it was not. If you want to know about my thoughts on the subject, just contact me directly. There is a lot to be said, and I’m not comfortable discussing such on a public platform.
        Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Hey! I don’t know if you remember me (don’t sweat it, you probably don’t C: ) but we had a brief conversation at VIVUM’15 after one of my guy friends awkwardly approached you as a dare.
    Shortly after that, I stumbled upon your blog. I’m not kidding when I say that you inspired me to start blogging again, and I’d just like to say that you’re an amazing writer. Thank you for being such a great inspiration :’)

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