For her:

You’ll regret this, love.
In your heart you know it too.
You’ll love her today and,
She’ll leave without you.

You don’t want to believe it, love.
She’s porcelain poison.
The way she looks at you today,
She’ll look at another man tomorrow.

She’ll make his heart beat faster,
Than she would with you.
You’ll stay up long nights
She’ll sleep without you.

Don’t stand a chance against her
Lips, eyes, scent, hips.
Neither can him, so love.
Walk away, innocent.

‘How do you walk away from
Someone you love so much?’
Ask her, she does it all the time.
With one gentle touch.

She’ll be in her worst senses,
Cause an accident with a ‘friend’.
Knowing you would forgive her,
You’ll love her till the bitter end.

And how would I know all this, love?
I am her, I know I’ll do all of the above.

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