I want to just sit
in silence.

Bombarded by thoughts
That I once forgot
With all the pain
Inside my brain
It’s hard to not look insane.
In a different way.

So I will look my devil in the eye.
And ask her my oh my, oh why
Does she always come out to play
When there is nothing but nothing to say.
And drag out the fragments
Of that moment
Of happiness.
More is less.

She pulls my hair,
but that’s not fair.
I scream surrender
trying not to care.

Easier said than done.
Oh, fun.

To live with a mind
Thinking all the time.
I want to stop.
One last shot.

Because thinking
leads to feelings,
Leads to dealing
But I can’t deal with life.
I want to put up
A fight to stop
Before I chop
My ears off.

She screams
And my ears bleed.

I run.

“Find me”, I scream at her.
Running fast, a blur.

She is my mirror.
And silence is the glass.

Help me shatter it.

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