“I’m sorry. I just need some time alone, yeah?”
He tells me he will call me later.
But he never does.
Scrolling through his contacts, he calls the other.

So let’s talk, lover.

Aren’t I supposed to be the one,
Who helps you with your problems.
When did I become the one you need help with?
My concern for you seems quantum.

You need a woman to hold your hand,
But who is holding the other?
I can see the guilt in your eyes.
Try to disguise it. But don’t bother.

The days of smiles of a genuine quality
Are far behind us, out of sight.
I’m the first voice you hear in the morning.
But not the last you hear at night.

You can’t expect me to clip my wings,
While you fly away.

Tomorrow morning will be the last.
I’ll make a cuppa tea for one.
And if you come home smelling like her.
Run, baby. Run.

Yes, I’m still in love with you.
But I am not stupid, lover.
While you have been kissing the other woman.
I’ve found another.

Two can play this game, honey.
And only one can be the winner.

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