(This is a poem I wrote at the end of 10th grade. It’s a miracle I passed my exams.)

When I look upon your form,
But for you, my eyes cannot look anywhere.
Your kiss, anxious touch and shaky breath,
Makes me forget that there exists pain and despair.

Speak to me, sing to me, beckon me,
Towards the warmth and comfort I long for.
Describe a thousand words with those
Round eyes I both adore and abhor.

Oh I can imagine you perfectly.
Yet never perfect enough.
For you seem so near, yet too distant.
The twinkling star I will never catch.
Unless and until I know where you are,
I will never be your soul-match.

Come to me, my calm in chaos.
Enlighten the path I must walk to find,
The one piece I’m missing,
To make me no longer deaf and blind.

I know it is hard, but I know you see me,
And in your heart know I exist.
No matter now, I’ll be waiting fondly.
For you to fill the part of me that God missed.

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